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A note from our CEO...

The idea to open The RomeHello popped up in my mind a few years ago. Many of the international friends I had met during my own European travels would ask me for suggestions on where to find a cheap and nice place to stay in my home city of Rome.

But, even after some research, I didn’t find anything fitting for them. And I thought it was senseless that a city like Rome, with all it has to offer, was kind of prohibitive for young tourists.So as my family has worked in tourism for many years, I decided to involve them in the project of opening a hostel in our city - to make it not only ours but everyone’s. Also, I decided to combine the project with my intention to do something good for the others. So I turned the hostel into a non-profit social enterprise, with the aim of changing the economic thinking of standard companies.

Lorenzo Busi