Rome represents art of every era, so of course we also had to give a home to art at The RomeHello. As such, we let it into the hostel, to create spaces where it can be admired up close.
A fully-fledged Street Art gallery – the only one of its kind – awaits you at The RomeHello!

Eleven talents from the international Street Art scene, each with their own unique and original style, have created murals inspired by travel and the city of Rome on the walls of our common areas. The rooms of The RomeHello have thus become a place for interacting with and reflecting on the messages that the artists wanted to impart.
Let us present them to you

Alice Pasquini / Italy

A Roman street artist, painter and  scenographer whose works can be found all over the world, she has honoured us with a mural that represents feminine vitality. @alicepasquini

JANA & JS / Austria e France /

She is Austrian, he is French and they have been working together for more than 10 years as Stencil Artists. They have brought the vibrations of the urban landscape into…

Ale MARTOZ / Italy

An illustrator, cartoonist and street artist whose works have been exhibited in the galleries of Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Moscow, he painted the colourful mural at the entrance…

HNRX / Austria

He painted the murals on the hostel stairs with the bright colours of our logo. The result is as cheerful and fun as his art, which he expresses on any…

Addì FERNANDEZ / Mexico

His murals are portraits and moments of life inspired by travel. You can admire them on every floor of the secondary staircase of The RomeHello. @facte

Dima FATUM / Ukraine

A Ukrainian street artist, Dima is the author of the murals at the entrance to the guest kitchen, which were inspired by Ancient Rome. @dimafatum

Chapartegui VICTORIANO / Spain

A Street and Graffiti Artist since he was 15, he has represented the history and the legend of Rome in his colourful mural, linking it to the innocence of his…

Jean ROOBLE / France

He is self-taught and has been painting since he was a child. He started in Bordeaux, where he was born and where he still lives today. He chose a strong…

Guido ZIMMERMAN / Germany

His is the mural that begins in the corridor, continues into one of the largest dormitories and ends up in the bathroom. Those who wake up surrounded by art are…


He paints on walls and canvas and designs tattoos. He lives and works in Bordeaux. He has created a psychedelic stencil for us on the wall of the internet point…

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